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Sev - 2018

Hi Allan, Tim and I purchased stainless steel exhaust manifold from you roughly 6 months ago which I came and picked up from your factory when you were away. Product has been great so thank you.

Greg Hill - 2018

hi allan i just want to let you know that i am very happy with my hi-tek manifolds they give me more room to move in my engine room i also have noticed better fuel economy as well it seems to have a bit more power. your product is also much lighter which is a plus so thanks again for the good product cheers greg hill

Leo - 2017

The manifolds came today and they look great, thanks for all you help and I will proudly show them off and may-be get you some more business!

Tim - 2017


I hope this email finds you well. You may recall that I purchased a set of your manifolds for my PCM 351w about 10 years ago... they are still looking and performing great!

Nath - 2016

Hi Allen,

Manifold arrived and the boats working perfectly! Everyone who's seen it has been amazed at the quality and the Improvements in the boats performance! The temperature doesn't go above 80' which is amazing given the original cast used to run at 90' when it was brand new!

Looks, sounds and runs better than anything and thanks again for the great service. Couple of pictures attached of the manifold in place and the boat its on.

Client from Website - April 2016

About 12 months ago I purchased a set of your s/s exhaust manifold/riser for my 5.0 mercruiser, I am very happy with them. I also have another boat that has a 7.4l mercruiser thunderbolt ignition, and was wondering if I can get a price on these please.

If you could let me know asap as I have a leak and they are getting replaced regardless, I would prefer to use yours over factory.

JJ Troadec (Malelu) - February 6 2016

Hey Hi-Tek,

The "Exhaust" were installed successfully, and are working fine. They look and sound perfectly!

Chris Martin - July 12 2015

I have to say - they've completely improved operation of my boat - well done, great design, quiet, huge performance gains and a lighter stern.

Thanks for your prompt response. I am a little uptight when it comes to my boat and your headers have truly made my boat better in many ways.

Bevan Buckland - February 23 2015

Hey Hi-Tek,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your service and promptness regarding my new manifolds for my 350 mercruiser. These items are superior to say the least. Fitment was very straight forward. Never going back to cast iron again. ..

Bill Clausen - July 3 2014

Hey Hi-Tek,

The manifolds are here and are JUST FREAKIN AWESOME!!, You could shave in them they are so highly polished. THANKS
Will get them on in the next week and give them a run!

Ted - June 25 2014

Hi-Tek and Dave,

The manifolds just arrived, WOW!!! They are truly a work of art! Spectacular!!
I bet I can sell a few sets of these to my boating group buddies and my customers when they get a look at them,
Thank you both!!!

John Richmond - June 10 2014

Hey Hi-Tek,

The "pipes" were installed successfully, and are working fine. They look fabulous!

Ryan Berry - May 31 2014

Hey Hi-Tek,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on my Hi-Tek Manifolds. I purchased them two years ago while rebuilding the 5.7L Volvo Penta engine on my 2002, 2601 Seaswirl Striper. I had bought the boat only a few months prior. On a trip, 60mi offshore, my engine alarm went off, and I lost power. My engine was shot! After getting towed back home, I found that there was an internal gasket failure between the Manifold and Risers. It seems that water had been leaking into the engine for quite some time. The ocean water scaled the cast iron heads and the scaling chips were pushed into the engine, thus the need for a complete rebuild or new engine. I decided to do the rebuild myself. In the process, I searched for a way that I would never have to deal with Volvo's poor manifold/riser design again! That is when I found your site.

I was a little bit skeptical at first. Unfortunately, here in Southern California, I could not find anyone using your Stainless Steel Manifolds. I even tried a SOC, a Seaswirl Striper forum online, and still did not get anyone that had purchased your Hi-Tek Manifolds.

Well, after some serious thought, and a whole lot of questions, I decided to contact you. You were extremely nice and helpful! You answered all of my questions thoroughly. I made up my mind then & there to give you a shot.

The Hi-Tek manifolds were super easy to install and they looked Killer!!! Two years later... My engine runs awesome! My RPMs are higher and my WOT (Wide open throttle) increased my speeds at least 10%. My engine runs smoother, stronger, cooler and gets better gas mileage. The weight difference was Amazing! It probably dropped about 100lbs off the stern. Best of all... I have the peace of mind and security of never having to deal with the gasket failure again!

To top the whole experience off... last October, 5 hours before leaving on a two day offshore fishing trip with 4 friends. I decided to change my pencil zinc anodes. One of the zincs fractured off into the manifold. I couldn't get it out... I was a wreck! I sent you a quick email explaining the situation... 10min later I get a phone call from you! You helped me solve the situation and more importantly I did not have to cancel the trip that we all took time off work for. Now that is truly top notch customer service!!!

Thank You again Mate!!!

Jeff Gamble - May 22 2014

Not sure if you remember me, but I bought a set of your manifolds for my 1977 ski Nautique about a year and a half ago. My name is Jeff Gamble and I live in Missouri in the USA. I just wanted to thank you and send a photo of the finished product.

I live on a small private lake community and everyone knows the sound of my boat. I rebuild the engine with all new performance parts. It is a Ford 351W with GT-40 heads, new cam, intake, DUI distributor and will now run 6000 rpms with ease. I used small stainless silencers instead of the stock fiberglass mufflers. The boat now sounds more like an old Shelby mustang on the water.

Thanks you for your help and the beautiful manifolds.

Martin Morecroft - May 12 2014

I purchased some manifolds off you a few years ago. You kindly changed them to increase the riser height to help remove reversion issues that Swaymar Marine said I had due to small down angle of pipes.

I have switched engine builder as Swaymer Marine is incompetent.

I have now upgraded the camshafts (now similar to crane 741) and I wondered if you feel reversion would be an issue with this cam? I have your maximum equivalent riser height and I have kept the collector long (6 inches) past where water mixes.

I am using silent choice as well.

If you think there will be an issue then should I reduced water flow to the manifolds with a pressure regulated water bleed off?

I have some great dyno sheets of my 540 with your manifolds fitted which I will let you have once the motors are back in the boat. There are making 645 HP at 5500.

Sean Conroy - 2 November 2013


I have just completed the installation and test run the engines. Everything works perfectly.

During the test run, the engines ran at 159 degress which was 15 degrees cooler and at 149 degrees at 2000 rpm which was 20 degrees cooler than the cast iron.

I did two workarounds on hoses. One was on each side of each engine. I also had a stainless 't' manufactured for the hose on the raw water intake line, to which the shaftlog hose was attached.

Again, thanks for forwarding the bolts which helped me to complete the project.

Sean Conroy - 3 October 2013

Hello Hi-Tek,

Well, my motor is in and as promised here’s the a couple of pictures showing your fantastic manifolds.

Performance of this boat is outstanding. Even though we have only run a few hours past break in, and haven’t really fine tuned the prop..The boat hits 49mph @4400 rpm. Max power is 5100 rpm and we are running a High five (pulling prop). You don’t see many old wooden boats with speed in the mid 50’s but, I feel that’s where we’ll be after dialing in the correct prop.

It’s also amazing to see how much attention this boat gets when I open the engine hatch. My HI-TEK manifolds dominate the look of the engine bay. They are as beautiful as they are functional. I’m a big advocate of the 4.3 V6 and in my opinion there is no better choice than your HI-TEK manifolds for this application. My engine bay stays noticeably cooler, the engine makes great power, and I couldn’t be happier with the high quality fit and finish.

Thank you again...we’ll keep in touch,

Steve Brady - 1 July 2013

just a note to let you know after 12 years with your s/steel exhausts the motor has retired and being replaced so we ran a camera through the system and found the hi-tek exhausts undamaged and ready for the new 5.7 mercruiser motor,definately a quality product that will save boaters thousands. thanks steve brady 0415406351. 1st july 2013

Sean Conroy - 22 June 2013

Hello Hi-Tek,

I can't tell you enough about the great comments my little 4.3 has been getting. The HI TEK manifolds really reach out and grab people's attention. And, it's not all cosmetics either...

Upon completion of my build I took the motor to a marine dyno shop (Double R Performance) that is popular with the mega dollar poker run and offshore boats. The 503 cid monster engine on the stand before mine pushed 1,100 HP and was run-of-the-mill to these folks....just another day at the office. But, when my little normally aspirated 4.3 (262 cid) took it`s turn on the dyno the whole place was a-buzz! They don`t get many (any) six bangers in that crowd and to see this affordable (and popular) motor on the dyno was an uncommon event. This sparked much conversation on the beautiful construction of the manifolds and speculation on their performance. Of course the light weight compared to stock cast iron manifolds and the heat dissipation benefits were also discussed as great benefits.

We didn't disappoint in the performance category either! The basically stock 4bbl motor was conservatively built for longevity and towing sports so we could have squeezed a lot more out of this engine had that been the goal. In the end we hit 235.7 HP at 5100 and 273.5 lbft at 3500. That`s .9 HP per cubic inch!

We finally have the boat ready to accept the new motor and it`s going in next week. I`ll update you on the on-water performance once we have her dialed in.

Again, I can't say enough about how pleased I am. Thanks for all your help.

Terry Donovan - 1 604 832 3297 - 6 February 2013

Thanks Hi-Tek for sending the gorgeous exhaust manifolds for my 460 ford, they fit like a glove, you know what your talking about when it comes to your products and no BS, I willl definitely deal with you again, thank you from Terry Donovan, Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Dennis Holladay - 19 July 2012

Hi, Hi-Tek Just wanted to let you know I got the manifolds today and WOW they look GREAT. I'll send you some pics of the motor when I get it back in the boat. Thanks again for the great price MATE. Denny

Peter Decker - 17 July 2012

Hi Hi-Tek, i received the manifold last week.... I made my first navigation Sunday. Everything is running fine! Thanks a lot. Peter

Carl Robb - 11 July 2012

Hello Alan, Hope these work for you. They are working great and were a breeze to install. The motor runs better also and seems to use less fuel .Carl.

Dennis Polivnick - 17 September 2011

I have a Malibu Sunsetter LX1 with a 325hp EFI Indmar motor. I have just replaced my manifolds with Hi Tek.. O M G !!!!!!! What a difference. I just cannot believe how it improved the performance. Can you please give me more details on how much more HP I will be obtaining? When the dealer sold them to me, he only sold the benefits of not having to replace the cast iron ones so frequently. He never mentioned the performance or the weight benefits. I would have bought them ages ago if this was all clear to me before. Your biggest fan !!!! Thanks Guys.

Glenn Radler - 23 August 2011

THROW OUT your manifolds, risers, and elbows! A Better Exhaust Solution.
Two winters ago (2009-2010) I resolved to replace the original manifolds and risers (riser age unknown) out of preventive maintenance with OEM Crusader parts. I had the marina I winter at perform the service and all seemed well over the 2010 season. As a 2010-2011 winter project, I decided to rebuild both engines in-frame. Upon disassembly, I observed both brand new outside manifolds and risers had failed at the block off plates leaking seawater back into the heads and seizing rings/ rusting cylinders.
Disgusted, I searched for another solution to the seemingly stupid manifold riser setup that is prone to failure
I found it.
There is a company in Australia that custom makes Stainless Steel (not aluminum like many local manufacturers) one piece header design. They do not handle antifreeze, just seawater out from your cooler eliminating the block off plate setup. Change the zincs inside them regularly, and they will last forever. The performance gain is also notable, as they are significantly less restrictive than the stock exhaust. They are also incredibly lighter. My stock manifold elbow setup weighed in at over 100 lbs each easily. These weigh in at 14 lbs apiece! A significant weight savings.
Below is the link to the manufacturer. Ask for Alan. He has a remarkably fast turnaround time given he is half a world away.
Cheers, Glenn

Philip Roworth - 23 June 2011
I purchased a pair of your stainless exhaust manifolds for my 4.3 litre Volvo back in about July 2003 engine hours 270, 5- 6 years service on the original cast iron manifolds
The engine has now done 720 hours and the manifolds exceeding the life of the originals by currently two years and 180 engine hours
I have had to remove the recently due to head failure and after visually inspecting them they appear to be in extremely good condition some staining and discolouration only where you can see inside the water jacket, the gasket faces have some pitting and I am considering getting them re faced
I am very pleased with the product and intend to reinstall them on a new motor
Dan Morice - 30 May 2011
Hi Hi-Tek just had a great day driving the boat plenty of performance as we know but mate a real class product and straight bolt on no modifying that makes a man happy CHEERS!!!
Bruce Watts - 20 December 2010
Hi Kevin, just thought I would let you know that I am very pleased with the stainless manifolds. They are all fitted and the engine is going very nicely. Lots more water and exhaust flow. Had a small problem with the engine idle which increased by 400 rpm, so had to rectify that (shows the lack of back pressure) but gave it an hours run in the harbour last thursday and was very surprised with the performance, they sure are extractors.
Simon Bradwell - 11 October 2010
Final got the ski boat motor on the dyno 350 chev made 419 horsepower 390 foot pounds of torque at 5800 rpm.
The exhaust worked great I would recommend your headers to anyone
Thanks again

Brian J Roberts - 28 September 2010
Hi Alan, The Exhausts are all in and tested now took some modifications to the decking to get the additional three inches in height clearance. I went from a three inch riser extension to a six inch riser extension for these. They are fantastic as you promised and have exceeded my expectations. I have written up the whole experience on the Bayliner Owners club and given them a great wrap. Here is the link if you are interested. http://baylinerownersclub.org/forum/showthread.php?p=505774#post505774

Phil Evans - 29 July 2010

Just wanted to thank you for the great manifolds. They have been in service for 2 years and working great, no problems to report. 29\' Aquasport powered with twin PCM 350\'s inboard. Thanks again

Newport, NC, USA

Bjørn Erling Hanssen - 22 July 2010
Dear Carolyn and Hi-Tek, My ordered BMW manifoil arrived today at my home in perfect shape. The installation will start during the wekend. Many thank for a fast and relable service. BRGDS Bjorn Erling Hanssen BODO NORWAY (Far North of the polar circle and about mid summer now and 15'C)

Norman DeNicola - 16 June 2010
Hi Carolyn & Hi-Tek, I received the shipment today. I just wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You have made my best friend extremely happy. He is so pleased and impressed by your manifolds & risers. They are beautiful! Once he has paraded them around to show all his fellow boaters & installs them, I will be sure to take pictures and send them to you. I hope once our friends see them, I will be contacting you to order more. Again, thank you so much! It has been a great pleasure doing business with you.

Leah Cotton - 22 May 2006
Thanks for sending the bolts i am very pleased with the maniflods test ran today runs 20percent cooler than the older cast iron manifolds. Just one question the exhaust flanges get very hot is it normal for the powdercoating to start to bubble and flake off around all the flanges thought i had a fire but turned out to be boiling the paint off would like to hear back for peace of mind thanks to geat product quick service will be pushing your product to others Hi-TekWilson.

Jean & Bruce Stippich - 23 May 2006
Just to let you know, I got the manifolds today (22 May 06) and they look great. I wish I would of had you send me about 50 of your brochures with the manifolds. I would like to pass your product around for people to see. I'm sure I can get some more people interested in your stainlees steel manifolds. I know alot of boat owners and most of them run twin motors. If you can send some i'll see what I can do for you. Thanks, its been a pleasure.

Just finished with the 302 Ford rebuild project in my little Donzi. . The manifolds look and fit great. A liitle tough getting them on with the lack of operating room in my boat, but am very pleased. Thanks again for the great service and product.

Mike Blenkins - Managing Director Gold Coast Fishing Tackle
"...I am very happy with the results. More power, less fuel, better top speed and runs cooler".

Dave Hi-Tek
" Hi-Tek, I would like to pass on my thanks for the marine exhaust system you made for my Chev 454 Haines Hunters. The Level of support that yourself, design and engineering teams put into making my stainless exhaust manifold was outstanding".

Steven Marino - Marino's Auto Upholstery Cairns Qld Australia
"...the finish on the manifolds are very professional, in my mind it was money well spent".

David Wood - Woody's Variety Store Waikerie SA Australia
" After installing your water jacketed pipes, I cannot believe the difference in power... as an added bonus I have a much quieter engine... Many Thanks.".

K.H. Targett Launceston, Tasmania Australia
"...the reason for my purchase was that I wished to get away from having to use either cast iron or alloy because of their inherent problems of fatigue cracking, particularly in winter lay-ups... I am very pleased with the results".

Mr. A.J. Spiteri Morley W.A Australia
" I thought I would let you know how pleased I am at the outcome of my purchase. My vessel now operates approx 20 degrees cooler, it has increased its R.P.M by 450 to 500, its top speed has increased by approx 4 knots and I am using considerably less fuel...".

Carl Mazlin - Mazlin Electrical Services Pty Ltd Townsville, Qld Australia
"...these manifolds weigh heaps less and do not corrode like cast systems. They are cost effective and I have had these manifolds for 3 years with no maintenance and am happy to recommend them".

Jason DeVries - DeVries Brothers Machining Denver, Colorado USA
" We’re getting about 55 MPH out of a 24ft ’74 Ray Flybridge! It’s a sight on the lake! We would recommend your pipes to anyone. We’ve never seen another set on another boat and that’s our edge. We are interested in selling/installing them…".

Kev Gillett - 15 April 2009
"Hi Hi-Tek, just a quick update regarding manifolds and my mariah z255, magnum 454 power, mate this beast is now running so sweet, I am so impressed with the results: motor is smoother, sounds much sweeter, runs cooler, and cruise rpm to maintain best fuel economy has fallen by 300 rpm as power is up! A very happy customer, well done mate…".

Simon Bradwell - 4 June 2010
"Hi-Tek, Hats off to you I have been buy boat parts for years ( 40 ). Some times I get some part that are very well made and you look at it and wow that's cool someone put some thought and time into that. But your parts are just unrealizable cool the workman ship and detail are outstanding. Thanks again can't wait to show them off at the docks.…".

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